Dental Insurance

I have Dental Insurance. What will it cover?

This is one of our most asked questions. Dental insurance benefits can help you offset some of the costs of your dental care. If you are fortunate enough to have Dental Insurance Benefits, we can help you maximize your benefits up to the limit of your policy. If your policy allows you to seek dental care from a dental provider who is not within your insurance network, we’re the practice for you. We will gladly file your insurance claim for you, and instead of asking you to pay the total investment immediately, we will ask that you pay the estimated patient portion and we will wait for the rest of the payment from your insurance dental benefits company. (Any balance due, should your insurance policy not pay as they estimate, will be billed to the patient.) Our patients have found that the small increase in their out-of-pocket investment for going out-of-network is far out-weighed by the extraordinary care they receive at Gold Coast Smiles.

Dr. Sami believes that all patients deserve to know about their dental health and if necessary, treatment options to restore their mouth to optimal health. He will diagnose and treatment plan according to your needs and what is in your best interest, not based on your dental insurance benefits. After all, our commitment is to you, our patient.

Be assured that prior to the start of any treatment you will know what the total investment of your treatment is, the estimate of what your insurance expects to pay and what your financial portion will be.

If my treatment costs more than my dental benefits will cover, what options will I have to pay for my care?

We feel our patients shouldn’t hesitate to approach us about any financial concerns they may have. We understand that many patients may have limited or no dental insurance coverage and may find it difficult to exceed budgets they may have in place. In many instances Dr. Sami can prioritize the dental care or phase the sequence of treatment needed so that it can better fit into your budget. If some or all of the services you want won’t be covered by any insurance or if you just don’t have insurance, we offer several dental financing options that can help. Gold Coast Smiles offers dental financing options including interest free financing through CareCredit. Through Carecredit we are able to help you more easily manage the investment required in your dental care by creating small monthly payments instead of one or two large lump sum payments. More importantly, with the financial options at our disposal we are able to provide our patients with a means to move forward with the treatment they desire now instead of having to wait to get the work they need completed. We are aware that certain services are not covered by dental insurance but the difference they can make in your appearance and self confidence may be worth the investment. Certain procedures may also cost less than expected. Setting up a consultation with us at Gold Coast Smiles is the best way to know exactly what your options are. You may be surprised by what can get accomplished.