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Today, we know that your dental health is more important to your overall health than we ever thought. Infections, plaque build-up, tooth loss and gum disease can be just the start of your problems.  Bacteria in your mouth can find its way into your blood stream and create all kinds of inflammatory issues throughout your body.

At Gold Coast Smiles, total health dentistry is our philosophy towards looking at the relationship between your mouth and body to help treat and improve your overall health and wellness.  We understand that the procedures we perform on your teeth can have lasting effects on the rest of your body and health. We also understand that conditions in your body will have serious effects on your mouth – this is called the “oral-systemic connection.” Because we understand this connection, our team takes time to sit down with our patients to gather as much information about their health as possible – not just dental health, but diet, lifestyle and mental and emotional health. We take all of this into consideration to determine the best approach for your dental care and overall well-being. Very few dental practice recognize or concentrate on the importance of complete health dentistry.  Dr. Andrew Sami and his team at Gold Coast Smiles are experienced at helping you focus on what's vital for your oral and long term overall health. 

Whole Body Approach to Dentistry

Your mouth can reveal the secrets to your health

Here at Gold Coast Smiles, we know what happens to your health when you don’t take care of your oral hygiene. We know oral health can lead to all sorts of health concerns such as diabetes, Alzheimer’s, heart disease, high blood pressure, cancer, and even a stroke! Our comprehensive dental practice in Glen Cove can help identify areas of concern and treat the infection that starts in your mouth, stopping it from potentially spreading throughout your body.  

When most people visit their dentist, they expect the exam to uncover issues relating exclusively to your mouth, teeth and gums.  Studies have now shown, however, that a dental exam can reveal much more about your overall health than you may have anticipated.  Your teeth and oral tissues may hold clues about your risk for heart disease, cancer, arthritis, reproductive issues and much more.  Your mouth is a window into your overall health—and we believe dentistry should play an integral role in screening, and/or preventing health problems from occurring. That’s the attention to Total Health Dentistry, or Whole-Body Dentistry, our practice focuses on to make sure you're receiving the best overall care possible.  

Great oral health helps you to:

  • Eat and chew healthy nourishing foods
  • Defend your body against infection and illness
  • Get a good night’s sleep
  • Enjoy a feeling of well-being
  • Have the confidence to smile

Recognizing the important connection between the mouth and the body, we routinely evaluate our patients for:

  • Signs of oral cancer
  • Ability to chew and eat without unnecessary sensitivity
  • Quality of sleep by checking for evidence of bruxism (or teeth grinding) and also watching for signs of snoring and sleep apnea
  • TMJ related headaches and migraines

In addition we also improve upon the quality of dental health among our patient population through informed caries management and nutritional counseling.

A Healthy Body Starts with a Healthy Mouth!

A healthy, disease-free mouth is a significant contributing factor to a healthy lifestyle and can help in the prevention of serious health issues such as heart disease (atherosclerosis), diabetes, stroke, and other chronic illnesses. Here at Gold Coast Smiles , we provide a comfortable, caring atmosphere for patients while using the most current dental materials and techniques to achieve their total health goals.

We strive to establish a personal relationship between you and our entire dental team and make you feel as comfortable as possible at every visit. Our goal is to educate each of our patients about their dental health as it relates to their overall wellness and tailor our dental treatment options to each individual. We strive to provide outstanding service and treatment to all patients seeking an experienced dentist in Glen Cove, Long Island as well as the surrounding areas.

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