Intra Oral Video Screening

Intra Oral Video Screening

A picture is worth a thousand words.

By viewing images on the screen all together, we enable our patients to be active participants with the hygienist and Dr. Sami in the "co-diagnosis" of their oral healthcare.  The magnification we provide allows patients to see intricate details of specific conditions that would not otherwise be easily visible or understood such as tooth decay, fractured or leaking existing fillings, plaque and calculus build up as well as staining.  Intraoral cameras also allow us to monitor the effectiveness of our treatments, helping us to improve our service to you.  Having the ability to compare photographs side by side to evaluate and monitor changes establishes a standard of care that is essential to our practice.  These tiny cameras also provide the ability to save and show the documented information to other dental specialists that may be participating in your care as well as insurance agencies to help in the approval process of needed treatments such as crowns and periodontal (gum) therapy.  

Through the images produced by this state-of-the-art technology we encourage discussion between patients and the dental team, fostering joint decision-making and ultimately help our communication with you and to ensure you and your dentist share the same expectations for treatment.

As a proponent for patient education, I always like to explain the reasoning behind  any treatment recommendations that are made by either myself or the hygienists.  By  using Intraoral imagery, I am able to show as well as explain to our patients what I see.
-Andrew Sami D.D.S

When it comes to oral healthcare at Gold Coast Smiles, technology has dramatically improved our patients experience.  This includes the ways patients receive x-rays, treatments and education.  In addition to our ability to provide modern digital imaging, we also provide our patients with the advantage of utilizing intra-oral video screenings.

Each treatment room at Gold Coast Smiles is equipped with high-definition intra-oral cameras that capture magnified high-resolution digital images of your entire mouth.  Intra-oral cameras are based on the same technology as a medical endoscope, a small visualization devise that provides an enhanced unobstructed view of the oral cavity.  These high quality images are instantly projected onto chair-side high-definition monitors for you to view along with Dr. Sami and your hygienist.  Images are stored and saved using our digital imaging software system and can be recalled at future appointments to compare or enhance changes to your teeth and other surrounding tissues and structures.  

In many dental offices, the patient is forced to make decisions regarding their oral healthcare and take action based solely on the recommendation of a dentist or hygienist without much other factual input to help support them.  We believe that our patients deserve more.  Utilizing this cutting edge video screening technology, our patients can now see clearly what their dentist and hygienist see in their mouth.  Not only does this help Dr. Sami with diagnostics and treatments, but it also allows our patients to better understand their oral health issues and any recommendations that are suggested by Dr. Sami and his hygienists.  Our team wants you to see clearly and unmistakably what is happening with your dental health, and understand how we can improve the health of your teeth and gums.  

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