Porcelain & Same Day Crowns in Glen Cove

Porcelain & Same Day Crowns in Glen Cove

Gold Coast Smiles provides dental crowns in Glen Cove on Long Island. Call 516-676-0250 to learn more and schedule your appointment.

A dental crown is an excellent way to protect a severely damaged tooth. At Gold Coast Smiles, we are proud to offer CEREC same day crowns.

What Is a Same Day Crown?
For a traditional crown, during your first visit, your dentist will remove the decayed areas and prepare your tooth to receive the crown. He or she will then take impressions and place a temporary crown for you to wear while the final crown is being crafted. You will then return several days later to receive your permanent crown. While this does work, many patients find the impression material messy, the temporary crowns loose and hard to wear, and the entire process annoying.

CEREC same day crowns eliminate the hassle. We use cutting-edge digital scanning technology to take mess-free digital impressions of your tooth and send them to our in-office milling unit. Our machine will custom design and fabricate your new permanent crown from the same high-quality porcelain used by dental labs. Your permanent crown will be placed the same day, with no need to return for a second visit. To learn more, please visit our CEREC page.

Why Do I have a Black Line Along My Gums Under an Old Crown?
A black or gray line is an almost certain sign that your old crown is made of porcelain fused to metal, or PFM. These crowns were common until just a few years ago, and many dentists still use them today. However, as you can see, it is easy for the metal to make an unwanted appearance.

Most likely, you are starting to see the line because the metal caused irritation and inflammation in your gums which, over time, caused them to recede from the top of the crown. Now the metal edge is visible.

We use metal-free all-porcelain crowns to eliminate both the unattractive line and the gum irritation that metal often causes.

If you are in the Glen Cove area, and would like to learn whether dental crowns can help restore your smile, please call Gold Coast Smiles today at 516-676-0250 to schedule your first appointment.