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If you are looking for a straight forward solution to replace your missing teeth, regain your confidence and provides you with a smile that makes you look and feel good again, our aesthetic dentures may be the solution for you.  Many people are under the false notion that dentures are not included in the cosmetic dental revolution, we couldn't disagree more.  In fact, using the latest technology and materials, aesthetic dentures can create quite the dramatic smile makeover.  Utilizing the latest techniques and working closely with our dental laboratory to completely customize your dentures to your individual desires, Dr. Andrew Sami can not only restore your smile but take 10 years of your appearance.

Complete aesthetic dentures are a solution for patients who have lost all of their teeth but may not be appropriate candidates for dental implant treatments.  They may also be the best tooth replacement option for individuals seeking the most cost effective solution possible with the least surgery involved.  Losing teeth no longer means losing hope.  You can still look good and feel confident with aesthetic dentures.

Not All Dentures Are Created Equal

As with any focus area in the field of dentistry, artistic talent, clinical expertise and a high standard of care are typically the foundation of any successful therapy and treatment.  Quality dentures take time.  Multiple visits are always needed to create a totally customized, well fitting naturally appearing denture.   Dental offices that promote "same day" or "low cost" dentures should be cautioned against as they pose a risk of eliminating important procedural steps and utilizing low quality materials to save on expenses.  Poorly made & fitting dentures not only prove to be a cosmetic dilemma but also possess major quality of life implications that should not be compromised based on cutting corners and saving on costs.

At Gold Coast Smiles we strive to always give our patients a great value in the treatment they receive.  Our aesthetic dentures are fashioned to help eliminate these complications of ill fitting dentures that can affect your overall quality of life:

  • Emotional & psychological Health - Poorly fitting dentures make it difficult and embarrassing to speak and socialize out of fear they may dislodge or fall out.
  • Oral Hygiene - Improperly fabricated dentures can harbor bacteria which can lead to bad breath and oral infections including fungal growth.
  • Joint (TMJ) & Jaw Complications - Improper tooth positioning can contribute to TMJ joint imbalance and upset the jaw mechanism.
  • Premature Aging - Inferior dentures can were excessively and provide proper support to your facial features, leading to wrinkles and sagging tone lines that will give an aged appearance.
  • Poor Nutrition - A denture that does not fit well makes it difficult to chew and properly digest food leading to other health and nutritional deficiencies.

While it may take us longer to fabricate and customize your denture, this extra time results in less adjustments, a superior fit with outstanding natural cosmetics and a happier patient.

Advantages of Aesthetic Dentures at Gold Coast Smiles

Our aesthetic dentures are based on proven concepts that provide a more natural and harmonious appearance for our patients.  Outstanding natural looking cosmetic dentures are achieved at our practice by utilizing aesthetic guidelines that combine artistic ability with anatomical rules as a method of arranging teeth in advanced denture fabrication technology.  This practice and skill of creating naturally conforming denture teeth takes into account age, gender and personality to restore the unique individuality of each smile and appearance.  We use only the latest techniques and materials to ensure a more precise fit and reduce the number of adjustments required later.

When you come in for your denture consultation, Dr. Andrew Sami will go over with you your goals and aspirations in order to recommend which tooth shade, size and materials are right for you. In close collaboration with our dental laboratory, Dr. Sami will meticulously customize your dentures in order to conform to the contours of your face while balancing the color of your hair and the complexion of your skin.  In order to ensure you satisfaction, we include you as an active participant in the decision making process and never proceed forward without your OK. You will be given every opportunity to preview your new dentures as many times as necessary prior to their completion.

How Do We Make Our Aesthetic Dentures Look Natural?

With modern denture advancements, you can now get your aesthetic dentures created the way you like them with individually positioned teeth that feel and look like natural real teeth.  When teeth are present and in good position, the lips and cheeks are properly supported. If the teeth are lost and not replaced, part of the facial tissue support is also lost.  Impressions and appropriate records are taken in such a way as to recreate and maintain your lip and cheek support, creating a more youthful appearance and providing you with a facial rejuvenation.  This means you won't get that sunken-in look that is common with ill fitting denture wearers.

We use only longer lasting denture teeth made from next generation wear optimized ceramics that are each individually hand set into your denture base.  These cosmetically geared natural teeth come in a vast array of colors and shapes that will compliment your age and gender.  This means we can provide individual shades, shapes and stains that can be used so that instead of just having opaque white, false appearing teeth, your aesthetic dentures can have a true to nature, individualized appearance.  Subtle effects such as gradient shading and varying levels of translucencies are incorporated in the teeth to add natural individualized character and make them indistinguishable from real teeth.

For females, each tooth is delicately positioned to enhance felinity and provide a softer overall appearance that blends perfectly with your facial features.  When fabricating dentures for our male patients, we select teeth that possess a more bold and stronger characteristic to help emphasize a more masculine appearance.

Dentures FAQ

Denture teeth can be designed to look natural, but like all new things there may be a few difficulties at first when getting used to them.

  • I need dentures. What's the process & where do I start?

    The best starting point is giving our office a call.  We'll be happy to set you up for a consultation and evaluation in order to discuss treatment options that are best suited for you.  Typically with our aesthetic dentures, it takes about 4-5 appointments until your new denture is complete.  These include impressions and bite registration records that accurately duplicate the position of your natural teeth in relation to your jaw joints as well as precisely account for the surrounding facial musculature.  Our process also involves a preview appointment where you are able to see your new denture and try them on before they are actually processed and finished.  Because of the amount of customization involved you can expect the entire process to take about 4-6 weeks.

  • What new things should I prepare for with new dentures?

    If this is your first pair of full dentures, as with any new biomedical appliance, there will be a few things your body will eventually adjust to.  Initially the denture may feel slightly big, this is normal, temporary and to be expected since it is a new object resting against your anatomy.  Your facial and oral muscles may take some time to adjust to the dentures before adapting and holding them in place better.  Soft tissue irritation and soreness is also a routine and common occurrence that we account for by arranging post-delivery appointments for adjustments.  Any irritation and soreness will be eliminated after 2 or 3 short adjustment appointments that we use to further customize the denture to your anatomy.  An increased saliva flow is also expected along with minor speed alterations.  Both will go away on their own after a week or two of use once your oral muscles adapt to the new prosthesis.

  • What foods can I eat with dentures?

    Eating may be challenging at first as you get use to the denture.  Over the first few weeks, we recommend starting off eating soft foods and cutting foods into small pieces.  Hard and very hot food should initially be avoided until the tissue where the denture rests on becomes accustomed to the new teeth.  Once the denture starts to feel more natural you can then work your way back to your original diet.  Keep in mind, this process can take some time and varies from person to person.  Take your time and don't get over ambitious in the early stages.

    In the end, there are no real limitations on what you can eat with dentures once you've become accustomed to them.  The decision lies in the fact that each person will pursue an individualized diet depending on their level of comfort and confidence regarding the stability of their denture while chewing particular food items.

  • Can I sleep with my dentures in place?

    Generally speaking, we do not recommend you sleep with your denture on a regular basis.  You should remove your dentures at night to improve blood circulation in your jawbone.  As is the case for all soft tissue in our body, blood circulation is vital for our oral health.  If you leave your denture in place all the time, circulation is restricted.  Fresh blood containing nutrients and oxygen do not reach the jawbone resulting in accelerated bone resorption.  As a result, the new shape of your jaw can cause your once well fitting denture to quickly start to not fit properly and more maintenance involved costs and procedures.

    Studies have also shown that your chances of contracting pneumonia and other infections greatly increase if you wear dentures at night.  By leaving your dentures in place 24 hours a day, you are creating an ideal breeding space for bacteria which can then be inhaled into your lungs and lead to pneumonia.  In addition, the lack of adequate circulating oxygen in the mouth will promote an environment conducive to fungal growth in addition to the bacteria.  Denture wearers who sleep with their dentures in place are known to develop chronic bad breath, fungal infections and oral thrush from the lack of circulating oxygen.

    Dentures should be removed before bedtime and cleaned before going to bed as part of a daily home maintenance routine.  If circumstances make it difficult for you to sleep without your dentures, you should find a period of 6-8 hours during the day where you can remove your denture and allow for blood and oxygen circulation to occur uninterrupted.

  • How long do dentures last before needing replacement? Is any maintenance involved?

    Over the course of their lifespan, dentures will require regular maintenance in the form of relines and rebases in order to adapt to your normal anatomical changes and maintain an ideal fit.  The average lifespan of a well made denture is about 10 years.  However, this greatly depends on a number of factors including, the individual's bone structure, the type of food they eat, any present habits the type of materials and techniques used to fabricate the denture and how well the denture is maintained and cared for.  Depending on all of the above, dentures can last longer than 10 years before requiring replacement or they can wear down faster requiring replacement in a much shorter period of time.

    If your denture fits reasonably well but is slightly loose, the simple solution is a reline.  Relines are a routine part of maintenance over the course of the life of a denture to account for anatomical changes in your jaw and tissues.  A reline involves a new impression taken using your existing denture base to re-adapt the inside of your denture against the new existing tissue without replacing any of the teeth.  This is generally done in one visit and you will go home with a better fitting denture.

    Dentures may need to be completely replaced when they becomes excessively loose, the teeth show signs of significant wear, or if the denture has been repaired so many times in the past that it's base is now structurally compromised and vulnerable to fracture.  In addition the question of cosmetics and the appearance of the teeth as well as any lack of support to the facial tissue is also considered.

  • What are immediate dentures?

    Immediate dentures are dentures that are made prior to the extraction of teeth and are then inserted immediately after the removal of those teeth.  To make this possible, we take measurements and records of your mouth while the teeth are still present during a preliminary visit prior to any surgery or removal of teeth.  The completion of the denture coincides with the date of your surgery so once your teeth are extracted, the denture will be ready and available to you for immediate use.  At Gold Coast Smiles, if any extraction of teeth is required, all of our conventional dentures are fabricated in an immediate denture fashion.  This way, our patients have the advantage of never being without teeth at any point during treatment, including on the day of their surgery.

    It is important to note, however, that after surgery the gums and bones will first swell and then eventually shrink as they heal over time.  The change in anatomy will continue for the first few months following surgery and initial healing.  Because of this ongoing healing process, immediate dentures will require extensive adjustments and possibly relines to account for the changing anatomy.  In many cases, if the changes due to healing are substantial, the fabrication of an entirely new denture may be indicated.  If this is anticipated to be the case, we will determine and discuss this with you prior to the start of any treatment so you are well informed ahead of time.  If a new one is made, we will utilize the immediate denture as a "temporary denture,'' or essentially as a blueprint to improve upon any esthetic or phonetic limitations you may want to improve upon.  In addition, you will also have the benefit of using your immediate denture as a spare (emergency) denture once the new one is complete.  A spare denture becomes particularly useful should your new denture require any maintenance work and has to be sent to the lab.

  • Will dentures make me look different?

    Our dentures are made to closely resemble the natural aesthetic appearance of your mouth and teeth so that little change will be noticeable.  In cases where cosmetic improvement is warranted, our dentures are then created to correct oral and facial deficiencies that are present and need to be improved upon.  In these instances, aesthetic dentures not only improve your smile but will also enhance your overall facial appearance by filling out sunken lips, eliminating wrinkles around the mouth and fill out the general appearance of your face and profile.  Along with a new confident smile, aesthetic dentures provide facial support which can dramatically improve your overall facial appearance and rejuvenate your smile.

  • Why is my bottom denture always loose and uncomfortable?

    In the vast majority of cases, despite how well the denture may be fabricated, the lower full denture is much less stable when compared to an upper full denture.  This is due to the shape of the gums on the lower jawbone and movement of the denture caused by the tongue and adjacent musculature.  For patients in need of a lower full denture or currently have a lower full denture they are not pleased with, we always recommend supporting your lower denture with implants.  A minimal number of implants, usually only two, can be used to stabilize and retain the lower denture allowing you to chew more efficiently and feel the confidence knowing that your denture is secure and will stay in place.

    You can visit our Implant Supported Denture page to learn more about how implants can upgrade your dentures and benefit your life.

  • How do I clean & care for my denture?

    In order to get the most out of your dentures, it's important to recognize the fact that the same attention you would give to natural teeth should also be given to your denture prosthesis.  The following is a list of Basic Denture Care you can refer to on a daily basis:

    • Never use hot or boiling water to clean dentures.  
    • Try your best to rinse your dentures after each meal.  This simple procedure can help prevent food and other buildup from collecting under the dentures and maintain the cleanliness of your oral cavity.
    • Clean your dentures at the end of the day over a sink filled with water.  That way if you accidentally drop it, the water will help reduce the risk of damage 
    • Gently clean the dentures thoroughly using only a soft-bristle toothbrush and plain water to clean off your denture.  Avoid using bleaching products, non-denture indicated toothpaste (particularly whitening toothpaste) and overly abrasive materials such as medium/hard bristle toothbrushes which could create micro scratches in your denture that can cause staining and trap bacteria.  
    • If you use any kind of adhesive, be sure to complete remove it from the denture as well as any part of your mouth it may still be adhered to.
    • Dentures should be placed in a cup or container filled with cold water and a cleansing tablet of your choice.  It's important to follow the tablet instructions as to the length of time you allow the denture to sit in it.  Some denture cleaners work in a few short times while others are meant for overnight soaking.  
    • Always gently brush your mouth, gums, tongue and roof of mouth with a soft toothbrush or use a piece of gauze to clean those areas.  
    • Maintain regular annual visits with our office to have your dentures as well as mouth evaluated for any maintenance therapy that may be needed to ensure proper oral health, including an annual oral cancer screening, as well as optimal fit of your prosthesis.   

    Our team will advise you of any further cleaning or home care products and procedures that may benefit you and your specific needs.  Contact our office to schedule an appointment and we can explore the options together.

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