Can You Eat With Invisalign?

Can You Eat With Invisalign?


There are many benefits that come with choosing Invisalign as it allows you to address your oral health issues easily and discreetly without too much disruption in your life. 

There’s even better news - you can eat with Invisalign. Yes, you read that right. You can eat with Invisalign. Because the aligners are removable, you simply take them out and eat whatever you want without worry. This is much different than other types of treatments. 

However, in order to complete your treatment successfully - and on time - you will want to consider the following. 

Always Remove Your Aligners

Eating while wearing your Invisalign aligners can cause warping and damage to them. It doesn’t matter if you think it will only be once or that it is a bite of something soft - don’t do it. Regardless of how tough they may seem, they are not meant to handle your bite force. So when you eat, always remove your aligners. Whether eating a meal, snacking, or grazing while you cook - remove your aligners. 

You may find yourself dealing with a few issues if you forget this important rule. For instance, your aligners could become warped and may not fit as they are supposed to. That means they probably aren’t working properly, either. As a result, you will need to have a replacement ordered, costing you both time and money.

Drinking with Invisalign

So you know that you can eat whatever you want if you remove your Invisalign aligners, but what about drinking? Drinking beverages may not require you to bite down, but you should remove your aligners if you are consuming anything other than water. 

Drinking warm or hot beverages can lead to warping of the plastic aligners. Coffee, tea, fruit juices, wines, and the like can cause staining. If you want to keep them in good shape and working properly, remove them whenever you choose to drink anything besides water.  

Maintain Great Oral Hygiene

Although being able to remove the aligners when you want to is a benefit of Invisalign, you have to wear them at least 20 to 22 hours every day in order to stay on schedule with your treatment timeline. Take them out to eat, but then they need to go right back in - though, never without at least rinsing them first. 

Ideally, you will want to brush and floss your teeth each time you eat - before rinsing and replacing your aligners. This will remove any bacteria and food debris found throughout your mouth.  Because this isn’t always possible, rinsing will at least remove any bacteria buildup that’s been hanging around so that you are placing cleaner aligners back into your mouth. 

Is Invisalign Right For You? 

Many orthodontic options – especially traditional metal braces - require you to make changes to the way you live your life while wearing them, but not Invisalign. With this treatment option, you can eat whatever you want without facing any diet restrictions. At Gold Coast Smiles, LLC., we want to help you take advantage of all the benefits that come with Invisalign. 

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