Dental Veneers in Glen Cove

Dental Veneers in Glen Cove, Long Island

One of the most sought after services we provide at Gold Coast Smiles is Porcelain veneers. Veneers, or Laminates, are very thin sheets of porcelain specifically designed to permanently adhere to the front of your tooth. We are able to dramatically improve the shape, color, size and symmetry of teeth with veneers, leading them to be one of the most common methods used to create a smile makeover.

Custom Natural Appearing Veneers at Gold Coast Smiles
The most common question we get during our cosmetic consultations is will a new smile makeover look real or natural? We find that one of the biggest hesitations patients have in pursuing a long sought after smile makeover is their concern that their new teeth may appear fake. This hesitation stems from the fact that many of us have noticed friends or family members who may have gone through some extensive cosmetic work only to end up with a poor result. Typically, these individuals may have teeth that look opaque, bulky or as many of us have described them, “chiclet” looking.

Those type of undesirable results are due to the fact that a more antiquated form of dentistry was used utilizing older, more opaque porcelain or in some cases even metal in the form of a porcelain fused to metal crown (a crown made out of metal with porcelain baked over it). This form of old school dentistry resulted in most of the unpleasing outcomes we’ve all witnessed at one point or another.

The materials we have at our disposal today are technologically much more superior than what was utilized in the past. For starters, at Gold Coast Smiles we never use metal in any of our dental restorations (whether involving veneers, crowns or fillings) and especially not in any of our cosmetically oriented cases such as smile makeovers! Because veneers are made exclusively of porcelain and any crowns we make are metal free, we are able to eliminate any possibility of unsightly dark black lines from appearing at the gum line which is very typical of metal based crowns and older dental restorations.

More importantly, the porcelain systems we utilize today are vastly improved and superior as compared to their previous ancestors. We only employ the highest quality of porcelain such as Emax, Empress and Feldspathic porcelain systems that provide a high degree of natural translucency and thus accurately replicate the appearance of human enamel. Furthermore, our experienced ceramist is able to create veneers that have multiple different shades and translucencies that will result in a much more lifelike appearance. And because today’s veneers are ultra thin, you don’t have to worry about teeth that will appear bulky or stand out.

With today’s technological advances, we’re able to create veneers that are not only beautiful in their natural appearance, but are also stronger, longer lasting and much more stain resistant, making porcelain veneers the best option for creating natural looking teeth that will provide you years’ worth of smiles.

Am I a Candidate for Porcelain Veneers?
If you feel self-conscious about minor imperfections in your teeth such as staining, chips, slightly misaligned or inconsistently spaced teeth, you may be a candidate for porcelain veneers.

While porcelain veneers have been the foundation of several of our smile makeovers at Gold Coast Smiles, they are not necessarily the best option for every dental patient. Unfortunately, not all patients are candidates for porcelain veneers, particularly those with unhealthy gums, routinely grind/clench their teeth and lack strong structurally sound teeth. This is why Dr. Sami carefully evaluates every patient prior to preceding with any type of treatment. If a patient is not a good candidate for porcelain veneers, there are plenty of other options we can explore to address his or her specific functional needs and still provide a smile makeover at the same time.

Many people spend years, sometimes even a lifetime, hating their smile. They find it difficult to take part in simple every day actives such as smiling for pictures or laughing out loud in the presence of others. We’ve even had patients tell us that their self-consciousness towards their teeth had adversely affected their personalities, being labeled unfriendly because they don’t smile often.

Veneers are considered to be a fairly conservative yet very transformative and versatile process that can correct a number of imperfections all at once. These uniquely individualized porcelain facings are able to enhance and improve the color, shape, symmetry and overall appearance of your smile simultaneously. With veneers we are able to accomplish the following, usually in just two visits:

– Provide instant orthodontics by correcting minor crowding and spacing discrepancies. Small gaps are instantly closed and crooked teeth are quickly corrected.
– Cover stained and discolored teeth that may be very difficult if not impossible to improve with teeth whitening procedures.
– Improve and brighten/whiten the appearance of your teeth.
– Rejuvenate your smile and appearance by repairing chipped, worn or cracked teeth.
– Instantly improve poorly shaped or sized teeth to not only provide you with better aesthetics but also regain proper function and balance.

These are just a few examples of situations we can correct with porcelain veneers. Generally speaking, as long as your teeth are in fairly good health, porcelain veneers are a quick, effective and incredibly attractive method to address any cosmetic imperfection in your smile.

I’m ready to get the smile I’ve always wanted, what’s the next step?
The first step in our porcelain veneer process, or any cosmetic makeover, is to come in for a consultation and discuss your options with Dr. Sami. This is not just an opportunity for us to start building a relationship with you, but it’s also your chance to interview us! The consultation includes an in depth examination, appropriate x-rays and simple impressions and digital photographs to help evaluate your current condition both esthetically and functionally.

More importantly, the goal of this initial meeting is to talk about your objectives while spending the time listening to what you have to say about your current smile as well as your goals and desires. We want to learn what appeals to you and we’ll offer guidance on how we can improve the appearance of your teeth to not only meet your specific goals but to also conform to the shape and contours of your face and personality. The corner stone of our practice philosophy is a dedication to understand what each patient is looking for, rather than dictating to you what we think you may want.

One of the more crucial steps in the consultation process, and something that sets us apart from other practices, is taking impressions (molds) of your teeth to create models that are sent to the lab for a “wax up” blueprint. Once we’ve established the cosmetic plan of your smile, we communicate the details to our lab ceramist who will place wax on the teeth and sculpt the anticipated end result directly on the model. The goal of this wax up blueprint is to create what your end result (veneers) will look like. This allows us to preview your new smile BEFORE we start any work in your mouth. Essentially, we are beginning with the end in mind – your new glamorous smile!

Whether it involves just two veneers or a full mouth reconstruction, we will take all of the information we’ve learned to create a treatment plan that is fully tailored to address each individual’s specific goals and concerns. By the time we’re done, we will have created together a formula that will give you exactly everything you’ve ever wanted in a smile.

To learn more about Porcelain veneers or any of our other cosmetic services, gives us a call or come in for a consultation. Gold Coast Smiles is dedicated in providing you with the best that Cosmetic Dentistry has to offer.