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My Teeth Are Bad: Should I Get Dentures?

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If you have just received the news that you need extensive dental work, you might wonder whether it is worth the trouble. Root canals, fillings, dental crowns, and other procedures can be costly and time consuming, and they don’t last forever. You may start to dream of simply having your teeth pulled and replaced with dentures. Unfortunately, this is not the cure-all you might imagine. Trading in your teeth for dentures simply means trading one set of issues for another. Here is what you should consider.

Dentures Are Different Than Teeth

Dentures are a good option to replace missing teeth. They are not, and never have been, a good option to replace teeth that are still viable. Even the most high-end, carefully crafted dentures are supported solely by the gums. They slip, pinch, irritate the mouth, and restore only a fraction of bite strength. They make it difficult or impossible to eat tough meat, corn on the cob, and sticky candy. They can slip during speaking or laughing, potentially leading to embarrassment.

Bone Loss Is Inevitable

Your tooth roots are located deep within your jawbone. When teeth are removed, the jawbone begins a natural process of breaking down. This can lead to premature aging and a sunken, hollow appearance around the mouth.

Regular Relines Are Required

Since the jawbone will continue to deteriorate throughout your lifetime, dentures will not fit properly over the long run. They must be relined annually, adding soft material inside to fit your changing jawbone shape. If you do not keep up with relines, your dentures will fit worse and worse over time, making it ever more likely that they will slip or even fall out.

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