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Advice on Finding a Good Dentist: What to Look For

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Dentists who do good work can be difficult to find, but it can be especially challenging to find one that is truly right for your family. Some do not use the latest techniques. Some specialize in particular patient groups that exclude some family members. Some may have a rushed approach to dental health or lack the right bedside manner to cater to you and your family’s personal needs. Here are some things to look for when searching for the best dentist for your family.

Education and Experience

Consider the doctor’s credentials and educational background.  Aside from school, how often does he or she take continuing education classes? Does the dentist have any post-graduate certifications or additional training in the fields of dental implants, Invisalign, oral surgery, cosmetic dentistry, or other specializations?

A portfolio of their personal work can also be a very vital component in choosing a dentist, particularly if one is seeking the services of a cosmetic dentist.  Good, qualified dentists should have no problem providing photographs of previous cases they have performed. Seeing and evaluating other patient’s results can help instill confidence in the treatment you may be considering to have completed by this dentist.  Dr. Sami is proud of the treatment he has provided on his patients and is able to provide an extensive portfolio of his services and discuss treatment options at length.

Philosophy & Vision

There are many different evidence-based approaches to dentistry, but it is important to find a dentist whose approach matches your own. Does the dentist focus on preventive care? Is the dentist considered cutting-edge, or does he prefer a more antiquated approach? Is the dentist authoritarian or collaborative in his or her dealings with patients? Visualize your ideal dental experience, and then look for a dentist who fits with that approach.

Do Your Research

These days technology can be your friend when you want to find the best product or service out there.  It’s no different with dentistry when researching the best dentist available in your vicinity. However, the closest dentist may not necessarily be the best option for you.  A quick search on the internet can provide you with some of the best information available to help make a well informed selection: patient reviews. Check for past patient’s reviews, particularly detailed ones, to find out what others have experienced in the office and under the care of the dentist.  Overwhelming positive reviews should account for something and it may warrant consideration to visit that particular office. It also doesn’t hurt to ask family and friends regarding their past experiences with their own dentist. Naturally, offices that lack reviews, have low internet star ratings or don’t appear to be overwhelmingly supported by those you are asking should typically be avoided.

At Gold Coast Smiles we encourage all type of feedback from our patients and readily make their past experiences available for all new prospective patient’s review through a simple search on Google or directly on our webpage,

Cost Comparison

You should never shop for a dentist solely on price nor should you sacrifice quality of care because of cost.  A lot of patients are under the incorrect assumption that top quality dental care and higher end dentistry are out of reach for them.  That couldn’t be further from the truth. Fortunately for example, here at Gold Coast Smiles we have come up with several ways to make your desired dental care work within your lifestyle through simple payment plans or more extended financing options through well-known companies.  Financial policies and arrangements should always be available, transparent, easily discussed and presented prior to the start of any treatment. Offices who are vague or do not possess a sound financial policy may not have the proper means or philosophy to help you attain your dental goals in a reasonable manner.  

Furthermore, always be wary of those “too good to be true” deals out there.  The costs involved with quality dental care are complex and vary on an individual to individual basis.  Offices that typically provide a blanket fee, numerous discounts or readily provides you with treatment costs for complex cases such as implants or cosmetic dentistry without first examining you and obtaining proper information should be viewed with caution. These offices may be sacrificing quality and expertise for savings that can result in outcomes that may not be in line with your expectations and can cost you more money later to fix the substandard results elsewhere.  

Office Environment

When you have a short list of top choices, stop by their offices to check out the environment. Do you receive a warm welcome? Does the waiting room feel inviting? Are staff members wearing gloves when needed? Are the treatment rooms clean and tidy? Do you get straight, honest answers to your questions? Above all, does the office feel like someplace where you could be comfortable?

Personal Connection

Ultimately, even an excellent dentist may not click with your family. Your dentist should be personable, approachable and make you feel cared for.  Great dentists listen to their patient’s concerns and taylor their care to meet their needs and goals just as they would for a friend or family member of their own.

Ready to Get Started?

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