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At Gold Coast Smiles we understand that every patient has unique needs that require special care and attention. We believe that every patient deserves a comprehensive evaluation and custom tailored treatment options based on their goals, concerns and expectations. We will provide you with a plan that addresses both your dental needs and overall well being, while keeping long-term results in mind. No matter how simple or complex your dental needs are, Dr. Sami and his staff will take note of what you want and help you achieve your dental goals.

Dr. Andrew A. Sami emphasize the prevention of dental disease and the maintenance of a beautiful smile as part of a plan of overall health. All of his new patient exams start with a careful review of your past medical and dental history. It is at this time that we will discuss your chief complaint, any pertinent medical information that may affect your dental health and your past dental experiences and treatments. A full set of digital x-rays will be completed and, if necessary, digital photographs and diagnostic models of your teeth may also be taken. He thoroughly examines not only your teeth for dental decay, but he also evaluates the condition and appearance of your gums and bone, examine your jaw (TMJ) joint, check for any signs of wear and look at how the teeth fit together when biting. A periodontal charting is performed to assess the health of your gums and an oral cancer screening is done to inspect all the tissue and muscles of your mouth for any abnormalities.


Following your comprehensive initial exam, he will take the time to discuss his findings and recommendations with you. Treatment options will then be fully customized taking into account both your immediate needs and long term objectives. If you are interested in changing the appearance of your teeth, Dr. Sami will also present you with cosmetic treatment choices. In all cases, he will individualize your treatment options to address your unique needs and circumstances. It is his goal to help you achieve and maintain exceptional dental health throughout your lifetime.

Gold Coast SmilesWhile our practice prides itself on providing comprehensive dental care with the ability to perform complex procedures, including cosmetic and dental implant restorations, we also treat patients who are simply in need of basic general dentistry procedures. We have the ability to prevent tooth decay before it starts and to treat it conservatively with minimally invasive techniques when it does occur. For those patients in the early stages of gum disease, we provide a soft tissue maintenance and hygiene program that implements the latest technology and theories to help reverse your symptoms through regularly scheduled cleanings and a non-surgical approach. Whether it's a simple filling, a new set of dentures or a complex smile makeover, Dr. Sami and the staff at Gold Coast Smiles can help!

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